Treat patients remotely. See more patients faster. Improve patient options.

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Demands on primary care providers are challenging at the best of times. Chances are your swamped with patients, you are punished by admin, and patients are complaining about long wait times. You need ways that help you improve your patient care, reduce your admin and possibly even increase your practice revenue.

Enter Doctolo. Our secure, simple, live video telemedicine solution keeps your patients happy and healthy, reduces admin and can increase your practice revenue.

Treat patients remotely

Delivering quality care should be convenient for you and your patients. Doctolo lets you advise your patients over high-quality video calls, no matter the place. Advise patients who want to stay healthy but don’t have time to come to your practice? We can do that! Want to see patients remotely? No problem. With our web and mobile-web apps, connecting with your patients has never been easier.

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See more patients, faster

Most GPs days are filled with uncompensated tasks like: answering after hours questions from patients; approving prescription refills; answering emails. These interactions are crucial but can add up to a lot of unpaid time. Doctolo, can replace these patient interactions with a quick video appointment.

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Improve patient options

Missed appointments can cost your patients health, your practice lost revenue and wastes your valuable time. Doctolo helps prevent those missed by offering patients different ways of seeing you, filling empty slots in your schedule with video consult visits. Now your patients can get “walk-in” care without leaving their house, and you can get the most of your time.

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