Patient common questions about doctolo

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What medical concerns can I be seen with?

Doctolo is primarily a specialist doctor service and is not suitable for emergency medical problems normally managed in A&E. Also, health concerns requiring chronic disease management may be better managed by your regular GP, however, if specifically want a specialist's opinion, advice and caring then please use doctolo.

What is doctolo?

Doctolo is a network of GMC licensed doctors who diagnose non-emergency medical concerns via voice or video. Doctolo consultants provide advice, recommend treatment and describe treatment pathways available in the UK.

How long will my appointment be?

An appointment is up to 15 minutes long. Our specialist doctors advise us that the appointments are generally suitable for one health concern to be covered in detail. If you have more than one health concern and would like a longer appointment then please contact after booking your first appointment.

Who can I complain to about a consult?

If you have any complaints about the consultation you have received then please get in touch with us at and tell us your booking number.

Something went wrong with my booking, who do I get in touch with?

If something has gone wrong with the booking process then please get in touch with with us at and tell us your problem and booking number if you have one.

What happens with the information I submitted?

Doctolo passes this information on to the doctor you select so they have a starting point for the consultation.

Will anyone be informed of the consultation?

The doctor will complete a letter describing the consultation and the recommended outcome they advised. You will receive this letter. If you want to you can share the letter with who you want to. No one else needs to know if you don't want this.

Can I claim the consult on medical or travel insurance?

Please check with your individual medical insurance provider to see if they cover video consultations and what the individual providers minimum payment terms and conditions. Your travel insurance may cover the cost of the appointment if you are travelling at the time. Please contact your travel insurance provider to see if this is possible. If you require doctolo or the doctors providing a service through doctolo to fill out insurance forms there may be additional costs incurred beyond the appointment fee.

What should I do before the appointment?

As the doctolo is a video call service we ask that you make sure that your video camera and internet is working well. Doctolo currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers for security and connection issues. So if you do not have one of these then please download them before your appointment.

Do I need my medical history before the appointment?

The simple answer is no. You simply need to want advice from a specialist doctor about your health concern.

However, if you want to prepare then as doctolo doctors will not have access to your medical records. Therefore your initial description should accurately describe your health concern. If you require the doctor to know anything more than what you have described in your initial description then you may wish to prepare some of the following (but please note you will only be able to discuss these items during your consultation): 1) a list of medications you are currently or have recently taken; 2) A medical history relating to complex or chronic medical conditions relating to your health concern.

The above are not vital to get advice from doctolo doctors but may allow the doctor to have a faster and more complete understanding of health concern. If you are unsure then you can ask your regular GP for a summarised personal copy of your medical history.

Can I cancel the appointment?

You can easily cancel appointments by contacting with your booking number and a brief explanation. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment will incur the full cost of the consultation.

What should I do after I book the appointment?

You just need to login to your appointment a few minutes before your appointment if you have a suitably secure and safe browser. Doctolo will send you an email confirmation, with all the appointment details and a link to your secure appointment. Then just login on the day and get advice from the great doctors on doctolo.

I can’t get the video consultation to work?

Doctolo currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers for your security during video calls. So if you do not have one of these then please download them before your appointment. If you experience technical challenges then please contact

What happens if I am late for the appointment?

The timings of the appointments allow doctolo to you offer access to specialist care at a great price and unfortunately your appointment times are fixed. Therefore if you are late to arrive or have not pretested your technology to If you require more time or to reschedule your appointment then please contact Any changes may incur a fee.

How much does a video consultation cost?

Doctolo offers specialist medical advice at reduced prices per consultation. This is a huge saving on the typical initial consultation fees of over 50% without the inconvenience of taking time away from work to physically see a doctor.

What is included in the cost of a consult?

The cost covers the initial consultation with the doctor only. If the doctor recommends that you require further investigations you will have the choice of either self funding, being referred privately to a specialist, or being signposted back to the NHS for treatment.

What do I get from the consult with the doctor?

The consults allow you to receive the care you need faster from amazing experts who see health concerns like yours daily. You receive the best advice possible with the information you provide the doctors. You also get know how and pointers to how to navigate your health concerns in the private and NHS.

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