Doctor common questions about doctolo

Just in case you had anymore questions

If I join doctolo, will I be considered a doctolo employee?

No. Each doctolo verified on the doctolo network provides the advice to patients on their own behalf. Doctolo provides the technology and connections to patients.

Do I have to work set times?

As you work for yourself, you set your own schedule. We would recommend that your provide sessions when patients want to discuss their health concerns with you and be as flexible as you want to, but ultimately you choose how and when you work.

Do I have access to a patient history?

In short no. But we will share with you all of the information a patient has shared with doctolo at the time they make a booking with you.

Why would a patient want to be seen by video consultation?

Patients want to make sure they are having the best advice and medical care possible. However, they are not always sure that their medical condition is valid. Using doctolo’s video consultation and the great advice you provide we allow them to ease their concerns early and live better lives. The video consultation is meant as an initial consultation to provide medical advice to the patient on the conditions they have presented with. If you require further examinations you can always say this to the patient when you have the consult. Your knowledge, time and experience will be greatly appreciated by the patients.

How much do I get paid for each consult?

The exact number is difficult to say as it depends on many factors. Our starting price for a consultation to patients is £99 for the consultation and completed letter. The easiest thing we can say is that you can earn up to £200 per hour on doctolo. For specifics please get in touch with us on

Do I need medical indemnity insurance?

Yes. Doctolo can provide advice and links to insurers we work with. Please contact us on and we will work with you to get you the right cover.

How do I join doctolo?

We have created a quick outline as to how you join doctolo. The whole process often only takes 10 minutes for our registered doctors and we will even give you a guide around video consultation and completing a consult if you would like.

How does doctolo help me grow my private practice?

We have a quick guide that shows you at grow your practice. If you want more help and pointers please contact us at

We are a group of doctors in a practice can we show that on doctolo?

Yes of course. Simply add your practice on doctolo and the other members of your practice as well. They will be informed and you can work in the existing practice as well.

Earn up to £200 per hour