Happier patients. Less work. More income.

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Whether you are starting or have an established private practice you probably could use some help. Chances are you have patient no-shows, you have scheduling costs, and are left waiting between patient appointments. You need ways that help you improve your patient care, reduce your admin and increase your income.

Enter Doctolo. Our secure, simple, specialist doctor platform and video telemedicine solution keeps your patients happy and healthy, reduces admin and increases your income.

Happier patients

Delivering quality care should be convenient for you and your patients. Doctolo lets you give your great advice to patients easier either in person or via high-quality video calls. Give initial consults via video call to get more and happier patients. With our web and mobile-web apps, connecting with your patients has never been easier.

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Less work

Get compensated quickly for all the tasks involved in providing great care. Reduce the annoying tasks like chasing bills, managing your reputation and getting new patients. Doctolo, can replace these patient interactions with a quick video appointment.

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More income

Missed appointments can cost your patients health, your private care practice lost revenue and wastes your valuable time. Doctolo reduces no-shows and helps prevent those missed by offering patients different ways of seeing you, filling empty slots in your schedule with telemedicine visits. Now your patients can book, pay, and see you online for a consult and you can get the most of your time.

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Why doctors join doctolo?

Better care. New patients. Fast payments. Promotion.

Affordable Health Protection

Improve your patient experience with the ease of doctolo. From simple booking to reminders to remote consults.

Fast consults


96% of patients are happy to video consult at least one consult during treatement

Be available 24/7


72% of appointments are booked after office hours on doctolo

Charm new patients.

Your doctolo profile is customised by you to show the best you, and how patients can be helped by your great care and knowledge.

More feedback


87% of patients decide on a doctor after reading reviews

Use video consults


63% of doctors offer video consults to patients getting new patients

Fast payments.

Patients enjoy knowing the appointment cost ahead of time. They find doctolo pre-payment simple to use. The simple admin and reminders improves attendance.

Enjoy self-pay


92% of patients enjoy paying online for their healthcare

Improves attendance


Doctolo reminders and payment decreases no-shows by 80%

Promote your reputation.

Getting verified reviews on doctolo from NHS and private patients provides trust in your services. Most consultants on doctolo also use doctolo video calls inside their NHS work.

Verified reviews


Get reviewed & rewarded by NHS and private patients for your amazing care

Use in the NHS


94% of doctors use doctolo to help their NHS work which improves their reputation

“My practice has been brought to the 21st century with doctolo.”

Mr. White

How does it work?

Better for patients. Simpler for doctors. Easier admin & promotion.

Better for patients.

Personal listing

Patients can find you on our website and via our tailored mobile site.

24/7 Online bookings

Patients can see your availability, ask for appointments and book quickly. Whether it's 9am and your phones are busy, or it's 9pm and your office is closed.

Great photos

Great headshots and office photos enhance your profile and help attract more patients. Doctolo gives you tips and lets you show the best you.

Showcase experience

Tell the world your experience, training and background.

Patient reviews & Testimonials

Build and protect your online reputation with verified reviews from real patients.

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Simpler for doctors.

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Email reminders

Everyone forgets appointments so why not get automatic appointment reminders.


Allow self-pay patients to prepay for consultations and procedures. Reduces no-shows and improve patient satisfaction by being clear and upfront with patients.

Secure video consults

Offer secure anonymous video consultations to your patients as part of their consultation process and recovery.

Consult notes

Add consult notes for all consults including video consults. Improve how you work with medical secretaries and record outcomes.

Easy scheduling

Schedule your appointments week to week and allow enquiries for other consult times.

Easier admin & promotion.

Medical Indeminity

Doctolo works with medical indeminity providers, saving you money.

Remote Personal Assistant

Doctolo works with remote Personal Assitant providers, saving you time.

Billing sorted

The best billing option for self-pay patients and works with medical insurers so you don’t have to.

Promote your brand

Promote yourself to other doctors with our seminars and remote consult services.

Access to global patients

Build and protect your online reputation with verified reviews from real patients.

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How do I get started?

List on Doctolo for free by clicking Join Doctolo. The more information you add the more confidence you give your patients. Doctolo allows you to receive payments, promote yourself and even have secure video consultations with your patients. How and what you parts of doctolo you use is up to you. Patients get peace of mind and simple access to your great care from you, great medical experts in your fields.

Is it safe?

Doctolo uses the latest technologies to keep your details and patients safe from booking to payment to consultation. The banks trust us to receive your payments and patients enjoy the security of our professional service, especially when they have never seen you before. If you decide to use video consults then don’t worry no one is listening as our technology connects patients and the doctor directly, just like a telephone call, just more secure.

Can I give it a try?

Of course you can give it a try. We don’t know why you haven’t already. Simply join doctolo by clicking here. Your current, future patients and support staff will thank you. We look forward to helping you grow your practice in which ever way you need us to help.

How much does it cost?

Doctolo is free to list on and start using. We are committed to staying free as doctolo was built by consultants for consultants to provide great care. We do charge a small fee to accept payments from your patients as it costs us money to provide this service. For a full break down of all the amazing time and features Doctolo offers please click here.

What if I don’t like it?

We're confident doctolo is secure, quick and easy. But, if you don't get what you want from doctolo then simply get in touch with us at and we’ll make doctolo better from your feedback.

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